[AH] looking to connect with promoters/dj's in japan

From d...
Sent Fri, Jan 26th 2001, 19:31

hello everyone,

i am looking to hook up with any promoters/dj's/electronic music enthusiasts
in japan.  i am planning a trip there for the month of september and would
to line up some work while i'm there.  i haven't set any sort of itinerary
yet and
am totally open to suggestions that people might want to make regarding some
places to see (or not to see) and go. 

i can dj and/or do a live set.  i'd prefer a fusion of both but depending
on the 
availability of equipment it might have to be dj only since travelling with
loads of 
gear is a total pain in the ass.

i have been spinning for about 15 years and play mainly down tempo music
with a lot of dub influences.  some groups i love (and play) are autechre,
FSOL, photek, namlook, gas, tomorrowland, mouse on mars, porter ricks,
pole, scanner, plastikman/hawtin, eno, r.h. kirk/cabs, cylob, herbert
and anything on ninja tune and tons more in a similar vein.  back
in the day i was known for my new wave sets and still like to drop them now
and again.  for the retro stuff, i like kraftwerk, new order, depeche, duran,
the cure, YMO, roxy music.  once in a while i will fuse all of my influences
into a set of new and old which tends to be a lot of fun!  i would be
willing to 
play either style in japan and i know that retro 80's music is making a huge
revival all over the place.

i have mixed tapes/cds of my sets and cd's of my original material so if
has the hookups for dj'ing, live stuff or radio shows (or even if you would
just want 
to hang out and talk about electronic music) 

in the past i have played all over canada, the us.and australia.

i am not looking for much money.  i more enjoy the experience of meeting
cool people and playing the music that i love. 

thanks in advance,

peace, love and ambience.