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From Christopher Miller
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On Tue, 25 Nov 1997 Jose C. Cabezas asked:

>         Some days ago I bought this ep with 6 tracks.  Three by Scanner
> and the other three by Signs ov Chaos.  What's this project about?, is it
> a one-time collaboration or do they plan to do this often??.

     Well, Michael Wells (aka The Man and Signs Ov Chaos, as well as half
of Technohead, Greater Than One, Signs Of Chaos, Tricky Disco, G.T.O.,
Church Of Extacy, etc., etc.) and Robin Rimbaud (most notably Scanner) have
known each other for quite some time now but have never really collaborated
musically before this ep. (Robin did however film G.T.O.'s video for

     As far as future collaborations, here's a post taken from the GREATER
THAN ONE LIST (I'm sure Robin won't mind):

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> however, I did find Scanner vs. Sings ov Chaos used (it was five or six
> bucks) I already have it, and from what I have gathered, its not too hard
> to find

well just so you can hear it from the horses mouth so to speak...

You were lucky to find the record as it is now deleted as Sony Records
decided that using the words 'Michael Jackson' on a record despite the fact
that it is a common name in england was enough for them to sue us - oh! Get
it while you can. Damn them. 

This was a collaboration between the two of us. We are working on new
material towards a collection from my London club called Sounds from the
Electronic Lounge which will come out next April 1998 with a host of
unreleased minimal electronica sounds. We will also be recording an EP for
Alec Empire's DHR label in the next month. 

Thought you may be interested...



                                   C o m m u n i c a t i o n
                        R o b i n  R i m b a u d  -  s c a n n e r
         h t t p : / / w w w . o b s o l e t e . c o m / s c a n n e r /
                                              s c a n n e r
                                     P O   B O X   6 1 2 7
                               L o n d o n   S W 1 1   4 X L
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     Oh, and check out the GTO mailing-list's page at: 


     And there's an overly-complete  discography for them as well at:

               http://www.brainwashed.com  (I forgot the rest)


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