[AH] FS: Roland MKS, Doepfer, Akai Z4, Emu Proteus

From drew
Sent Sat, Jan 10th 2009, 19:59

Some items are still left from the last round. Prices are now lower.

Located in Columbus OH - pick up here or pay a nominal ($10-20) shipping fee 
for Priority Mail within the US. Paypal preferred. Email off-list with 
inquiries, please.

Everything listed below is in good cosmetic shape and full working condition, 
except for the one item marked BROKEN, which is priced accordingly.

I am mostly trying to sell this stuff but if you have a polyphonic 
keyboard synth (juno 6, Q, P08, K5000 et al.) for sale then let me know 
since I'm looking for something along those lines.

* Roland Planet-P MKS-10. Electric-piano/clav with analog 
chorus-flanger-tremolo built in. With (hard to find) power cable. $49

* Electro-Harmonix Flanger Hoax analog flanger pedal. With PS. $99

* Shure SM-7 (yes, an SM-7, not an SM-57!) dynamic mic. Bought new, barely 
used. $249

* Rockman "Metal Ace" mini-amp/analog-chorus-distortion box. $29

* Akai Z4 sampler. RAM fully expanded, comes with external 160GB HD and CD-DVD 
drive. Includes Optigan/Orchestron/Talentmaker CD as well as a full set of 
Mellotron samples on the HD (already set up into programs.) $429

* Emu Proteus/2 Orchestral synth. MIDI in/thru, several outputs, nice 
ROMpler for orchestral sounds. $49

* Alesis AI-2. If you don't know what it is you don't need it. With 
manual/PS. $19

* Doepfer A-154 + A-155 sequencer + seq. controller. $429

* Doepfer A-152 T&H/switch. $119

* Doepfer A-174 joystick. $69

* BROKEN Doepfer A-113 Subharmonic Generator. This module is BROKEN and can be 
repaired or used for parts/prototyping. It does not work. I purchased it as 
such, with the intention to gut it and wire up an Arduino microcontroller to 
the faceplate, but I'm incredibly short on time these days so I don't think 
it's going to happen. This BROKEN module which DOES NOT WORK is $19. If you 
want an Arduino Diecimila, breadboard, prototyping kit, and a big bag of 
ICs/jumpers/LEDs/misc. parts to go with this BROKEN module, you can have all 
that stuff for like twenty bucks more. This is a good deal only because it's 
making me sad to look at it and realize I will never make the 
MIDI-trigger-gate-arpeggiator I've been thinking about for years. (Total 
for broken A-113 plus box of parts plus Arduino is $39.)

Lots of inquiries on the broken module but nobody's paid yet (???) so it's 
still available.

* * *