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From Damon.Fairclough
Sent Thu, Dec 5th 1996, 11:12

Damon Fairclough
05/12/96 11:11

blipvert @ writes:

>Blech is the only example that I have seen. What are some other


Off the top of my head, stuff that you should be able to see fairly easily in
any half-decent record emporium...

- As someone's already mentioned, virtually all the Orb back catalogue up to
Pomme Fritz.
- All Autechre releases on Warp.
- All LFO releases on Warp.
- Polygon Window's 'Surfing On Sine Waves'
- Black Dog's 'Bytes'
- Nightmares On Wax 'A Word Of Science'
- Artificial Intelligence comps. 1 and 2.
- PlayStation games Wipeout and Wipeout 2097 (called Wipeout XL in the States,
although the American releases don't have DR packaging. They did style the
in-game icons and stuff though.)
- Pulp's releases between 1992 (when they signed to Warp's indie off-shoot Gift)
and mid '95.
- Supergrass' 'I Should Coco'
- All releases to date by Moloko
- The React label's 'True People-Detroit Techno' compilation (also a fair bit of
other React stuff)
- Some stuff on R+S including Speedjack's 'Surge' and Joey Beltram's 'Classics'

Going back in time to some more obscure stuff...
- Virtually all releases on Sheffield's FON label, which in many ways was the
pre-cursor to Warp.
- Releases from Age Of Chance on both FON and Virgin.
- Virtually all the original Warp 12 inchers including the 'corporate' lilac
- And the Warp logo. Of course.

Call me sad, call me a trainspotter, call me geek, nerd, nob head, pillock, twat
or shit breath.

I don't care. This knowledge makes me happy. And I know I'm not alone on this