[AH] re: sequencers like the CSQ 600

From David Lacey
Sent Wed, Feb 25th 2009, 03:59

There is a multivox sequencer I've been very curious about. It looks like t=
heir version of the CSQs. A keyboard is built in (interesting design decisi=
on=2C avoids issues with converting an external CV to digital for storage.)=
 Specs are sketchy=2C even the model # is not clear (MX-S100? MX-8100?) but=
 it apparently outputs Hz/V and V/8ve CVs at the same time=2C a nice way to=
 integrate some Korgs and Yamahas into a live sequencing setup without givi=
ng up melody. I'm not sure about sync=2C but it appears not to be included =
if you can trust these gents:
"Multivox MX8100: Dit is een analoge keyboard sequenser met geheugen. Heeft=
 V/Oct en Hz/V cv uitgangen. Voordeel: Zeer snel mee te componeren (als je =
keyboard kan spelen) Nadeel: geen sync met andere apparaten mogelijk. Binne=
nkort komt Doepfer met een soortgelijke sequenser."
It really sounds a lot like a CSQ with a keyboard instead of CV/Gate inputs=
.  If it also functions as a CV keyboard with transposition... could be hig=
hly useful.
picture here:

There are a few posts in the AH archives about it... maybe someone else wil=
l pipe up with answers.

From: martial mcbride :

Hello all=2C I am curious if there are any hardware sequencers which are
similar in function to the CSQ 600 - does not have to be CV. The fab thing
about the CSQ is that when you switch to a new track the sequencer finishes
the track playing before switching over to the next selected track. Also
the ease in programming the CSQ is a real plus....I can sketch out a line i=
a few seconds and then keyboard scale it.... Surely=2C there must me someth=
which matches this dinosaur's functionality....

thanks in advance
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