Re: [AH] New modular with roland sound?

From Jason Proctor
Sent Sat, Jan 3rd 2009, 06:54

German modular dudes Curetronic sell a PCB which is a clone of the 
100m 121 VCF. i have the PCB but i've not built it up yet, and 
although my music college had a 100m, it's been 20 years and i don't 
remember what it sounded like. however given that the VCF is about 
80% of the sound of a synth, having a clone of this one should get 
you most of the way.

or email Matthias at for more details.


>More 700 rather than 100M.
>Of course, its not identical - but then I wonder if one was to put a 
>load of Oakley modules inside an empty 700 chassis, wire them up 
>accordingly, and then give them out to unknowing folk to see what 
>they would think....
>Perhaps it has a lot more to do with looks and feel rather than sound.
>You could also add the question why does one want that particular 
>Roland (or whoever) sound? Is it because of nostalgia, internet 
>lore, their mate has one, or because Roland got it so right back 
>then. So, hypothetically, if the 100M had sounded like a Doepfer 
>back then and today Doepfer came out with the Euro rack modular that 
>sounded like the 100M - would we be happy?
>Personally, I love playing with old gear. Its the history of it, the 
>build of it, even the smell of it, as well as that nostalgic sound.
>But did they make them better back then? No easy answer to that one 
>- and everyone will have their own take on it.