Re: [AH] Doepfer A-100PS2 Question regarding 230V/120V

From Tom Bugs
Sent Wed, Nov 20th 2013, 13:43

ALSO - different fuse rating for 115/230VAC -- US fuse rating will be 
double the amps of the EU
Think that is the only other difference to consider.

On 20/11/2013 14:28, Kenny Balys wrote:
> So I am converting all of my gear over to 230V from 120V and I happen 
> to have both a European 230V PS2 and a slightly older NA 120V PS2.
> They both seem to have the same torroidal transformer. ie) dual 115V 
> in and 15V out.
> Is the only difference between the Euro and NA model that the dual 
> 115V's are in series on Euro and parallel on NA?
> If so, I feel pretty stupid as I actually ordered a few new Euro 
> supplies thinking they were totally different.
> PS: I hold none but my self accountable for my own actions in regard 
> to AC power and hold any advice giver blameless as such.
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