Re: [AH] Something BIG coming from Moog @ NAMM ?

From Kenny Balys
Sent Fri, Jan 2nd 2015, 22:30

Ah! That explains its uncanny scaling accuracy. I am constantly fiddling 
with that on my other monosynths.

So it really would not be that simple or cost effective to translate 
into a Doepfer module.

Now I understand your comment.

On 02-01-2015 8:25 AM, Florian Anwander wrote:
> Hello
> no, it but it is a V/Hz VCO and the exponential conversion is done in
> the CPU. Even the incoming CV is A/D converted first, then processed in
> the CPU and then it is sent to the VCO core.
> Florian
>> Is it DCO based?
>>> The Sub Phatty VCO is nothing without the controlling CPU!
>>>> Please be Moog VCO in Eurorack form. Either the Sub Phatty VCO or a
>>>> Voyager VCO; either would be slick.