Re: [AH] Roland System 100m Power Supply for US Mains

From Niall Munnelly
Sent Sat, Apr 11th 2009, 05:36

I've been doing a little research, and it looks like the
transformer in my 100m is designed only for 240/250v mains.
Part numbers appear to be Roland's, and aren't available

I'm not an electronics whiz, but it occurs to me that there
must be a generic solution to this.  Incoming voltage hits a
transformer, which produces 15v, which are then rectified
and the final voltage trimmed to +/- 15v DC.  Does that
sound right?  If so, would one of these chassis-mounted
transformers suffice?

Final disclaimer - an actual synth tech will perform this
surgery, not me =)  I'd just like to make his job a little
easier and maybe learn something in the process.

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