Re: [AH] Korg mono's as external filters?

From Kenny Balys
Sent Sat, Jan 11th 2014, 00:56

The Monotrons are cool for some stuff, the Filterfactory is really nice 
too. The big one has a distortion stage. You could also set up a little 
Doepfer lunchbox with a couple of filters.

Something like:

32TE Raw Case -

Wasp Filter -


Input / Envelope Follower

Dual VCA -

Multiple Jacks

This will do it.

Or... if you are one of those people that thinks wars should just go 
straight to nuclear without starting conventional and going through the 
boring escalation stuff....

you could just get yourself a Sherman Filterbank or the Schippmann Ebbe 
und Flut

That will take care of it

On 11.01.14 12:42 AM, soup wrote:
> The Filterfactory/Filterqueen is great and still one of the cheaper
> options in standalone filters.
> latelybass through one :)
> Take care,
> soup
> On 1/10/2014 10:39, royce wrote:
>> Hi folks,
>> I have a tx81z that I like to run through analogue filters.
>> How are the Korg monotrons as external filters?
>> I assume that they have an envelope filter.
>> I understand that they are a bit noisy...but I know that many filters
>> are noisy. Are they only noisy when the envelope is activated?
>> Royce