Re: (swords) 7"

From Huw Gwillam
Sent Tue, Sep 5th 2000, 12:49

on 05/09/00 11:45am, Scott boy at wrote:

> What is the difference between a double grooved 7" and a normal 7"? is there
> a hidden track or something?

> Please refrain from the obvious gag.

The obvious gag being ...that there are two grooves - one on each side
(scuse me while I split my sides...)

I think it's one of those ones with two parallel grooves on the same side so
depending on which 180 sector of the vinyl you put the needle on, you get
one of two tunes. 

I think there was an old Aphex Twin tune that did the same thing a few years
ago in the distant early 90's - He also did one tune on an Analogue
Bubblebath EP where there were two mono tunes in the same groove - one in
the left stereo channel, one in the right. You had to disconnect your
phono-out cables to make it listenable....

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