Re: [AH] BAD Trader: Peter Grenader - just post on the Plan_B list...

From DB
Sent Thu, Mar 12th 2009, 16:44

If you start it, move it to Google Groups.... :)


On 03/12/09 09:40, Danjel van Tijn wrote:
> Also the Plan B mailing list is the only yahoo group I have been on
> where it is impossible to search old messages. I actually went through
> most of them manually and it is unfortunate because a lot of past
> issues with gear (and home brew fixes) are burried there.
> The Doepfer list in comparison is excellent and Dieter seems to be
> very responsive and active on it.
> It really bothers me that a large portion of my messages to Plan B get
> censored. I think there should be an alternative Plan B list created
> by users.