[AH] $1K - $2K to spend. Expanding my modular. Suggestions?

From Mike SynMike
Sent Mon, Jul 8th 2013, 21:12

After paying some debts using the money from selling off 5 synths, I =
have a little bit left over. I can buy some modular to exand on what I =
already own. My System-100 is one that was sold (I will it miss dearly) =
simply because it brought in more money than others I could have sold.

I've already got a small System-100M and small Steiner Parker modular, =
driven by Roland MPU-101.
So I have the basics mostly covered:
7 EG
1 S&H
1 Ring Mod
1 Noise
4 Multiples
1 Mixer

I think I need at least 1 more oscillator as sound source (and sometimes =
audio rate mod source). But otherwise I want to add some features beyond =
the basics. I want to stick with 1/8" jacks for compatibility. I assume =
in my budget I can get a small frame and a handful of modules. I prefer =
to get the whole set from one brand. A source in Canada would be a bonus =
but this is not an absolute requirement, I can buy from the USA as well.

I haven't been watching the new modular market closely so I'm hoping you =
guys can speed up my search. There are so many sources I am having =
trouble narrowing things down.

What products are your suggestions?