Re: [AH] Who is doing polyphonic modular?

From Florian Anwander
Sent Thu, May 23rd 2013, 08:22

Hello Kenny

Am 22.05.2013 03:10, schrieb Kenny Balys:
> If you are using midi, what cv converter?
> ie) Vermona quad, cascaded mono midi/cv,
> If all cv, what controller?
> Are you using 2 ADSR's per voice?

I do analog polyphonic modular soundcreation quite rarely. If I want to 
do something like that I prefer the handling in my Nord Modular.

Nevertheless I have two interfaces, which can do that:

One is the Harms Mac 16, which provides software based ADSRs and LFOs; 
so you need "only" the audio modules (VCO/VCF/VCA). It is ok, but the 
parameter handling of four voices in this menue is quite intricate.

The other is an EES MIDI-CV7. It does KCV, Gate and can do a software 
LFO. I have a Doepfer A-142-4 Quad Decay for the Filters and a A-143-2 
Quad ADSR for the VCAs.