re: Aphex/Rephlex VINYL FS

From aran
Sent Thu, Sep 14th 1995, 16:05 offers up:

>Let me know what you think each is worth. 

Essay or short answer? ;)

>* MF 201--(this is the first release on Mighty Force Records.)

The copy I bought a little over a year ago for $9.00 looks and 
sounds like a cheap bootleg of the 'original' 12".

>* Cat 009ii--The Caustic Window. (forgot the track listings...)

Track listing: a1 HARD a2 HARDER B1 HARDEST B2 DUB worth $9.00

>* Universal Indictator TR-606 (red) 
>* Universal Indictator TB-303 (blue) 
>* Wap 33--Polygon Window.
>* WAP 39R--aphex twin. Madreporic Plate EP remixes of ON. 

worth $9.00

>* Cat 009i--The Caustic Window. Joyrex j9. TB303/606 picture disc 

Originally you need only pay $15 for one of these. I just bought one
for $40 and if someone wants to charge you $100 or over tell them to
stick it up their ass.  If you persist, you'll find one at the RIGHT price.

>* cat 008--AFX. Analogue Bubblebath Vol 3. 

Worth $10. If it has the nifty "Guide to Cornwall" insert then $10.25
>* Warp LP7--Polygon Window. Surfing on Sine Waves. Clear vinyl, ltd ed 000905.
Worth $20. my clear copy has hella surface noise.  The black 2x12" I bought
less then a year ago sounds perfect @ $18.