AW: [AH] Midimoog - CV/GATE 'able?

From Carsten Toensmann
Sent Wed, Jan 14th 2015, 10:22

Surprising that they didn't keep a CV / STrig input when they cloned the
original boards...

Assuming you don't use an STrig topology in your Eurorack system you =
need a
CVGATE2MIDI interface to address your Midimoog (which will probably =
the MIDI back to CVGATE or CVSTrig again, ha ha).

I DIYed this for my Formant Modular with my UCVM, where I converted two
analogue inputs (CV and GATE) into a MIDI stream using a =
see also

AFAIK there are some interfaces on the market, probably Doepfer? If you =
firm in Microcontroller hardware and programming DIY is also possible of

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Betreff: [AH] Midimoog - CV/GATE 'able?

Now I=92m back in modular/eurorack world suddenly the midi aspect of the
Studio Electronics Midimoog seems a little cumbersome to integrate =
into this setup  - ha, how times change!  =85 Anyone with any schematics =
ideas how to get these units a CV/Gate input or some relevant info in
Minimoog-land that might give an insight into making this happen?=20