(IDM-r) v/a - Attention-Cats - Reckankreuzungsklankewerkzeuge

From multsanta
Sent Sat, May 30th 1998, 07:28

V/A: Attention-Cats 12"(reckankreuzungsklankewerkzeuge r000)
        In a beautifully laid out package of clear vinyl with several
birds on the label (geddit? attention CATS! what do cats eat?) this new
Cambridge, Massachusetts label (with perhaps the longest name in music
history) proves that mike paradinas' _mealtime_ comp and animals on
wheels signing with hasn't completely killed off "drill n' bass" as we
know it.  With it's dozen brief flash tracks of around a minute or so
long, this is (as the press release will tell you) the perfect
compilation for the channel surfing generation. With everything from
squarepusher-esque breakbeat fusion workouts to ambient interludes to
full force wailing guitar solos, this record has something for
everything.  However, unlike certain compilations trying to pigeonhole
this certain type of music, this record revives the humor and excitement
that we heard in the early spymania records.  Remember the first time you
threw down wafta's _college street zoo_ and you heard that wacky sounding
'oooh' sample cut right in the middle of 'morpeth issot', just before it
broke out into the wild chaos that we now know and love.  Or the hip hop
intermissions on 'spymania allstars'.  That was innovative, that was
funny.  Now who cares when you've got every bandwagon jumper on all the 
run-of-the-mill-speed- junk-jazz compilation using the exact same tricks.
 Reckankreuzungsklankewerkzeuge (sorry, i had to say that word one more
time in this review!)label head Hrvatski and his band of no good trouble
makers do the same sort of spur of the moment mess with your head
surprises that the already worn out motley crew of overseas wannabes
can't touch.  A serious blow to all those proclaiming the death of a
sub-genre that barely got a chance to get up off it's still wobbly

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