Re: [AH] BAD Trader: Peter Grenader - just post on the Plan_B list...

From Danjel van Tijn
Sent Thu, Mar 12th 2009, 16:40

Also the Plan B mailing list is the only yahoo group I have been on
where it is impossible to search old messages. I actually went through
most of them manually and it is unfortunate because a lot of past
issues with gear (and home brew fixes) are burried there.

The Doepfer list in comparison is excellent and Dieter seems to be
very responsive and active on it.

It really bothers me that a large portion of my messages to Plan B get
censored. I think there should be an alternative Plan B list created
by users.

On 3/12/09, Ancient Eyeball Recipe <> wrote:
> My impression is that he filters the incoming mail. After I got through a couple of emails begging him to get in touch with me, I was unable to post to the list - the messages just didn't show up.
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> If you want the odds to be better for Peter G. to see your frustration
> (at least till he maybe bans you from it) post on the Plan_B list on
> Yahoo. I sub to it and he does answer often enough to at least show he
> reads them. I think people here have been warned enough. I for one may
> only be buying used Plan_B stuff after hearing some of these post. Too
> bad really - I was Jonesing for a Vector Plotter.
> -J


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