(idm) sale/trade list

From laerm
Sent Mon, Sep 28th 1998, 20:12

[apologies for the massive cross-spammage]

i've got a bunch of cd's for sale. i kinda need the cash more than
anything, but i will accept exciting trades (not that there's anything
exciting here...). my want list is at www.voicenet.com/~laerm/wants.html

i like, or liked at one time before they no longer became my cup of tea,
all of these discs. i just need cash. :P

_electro industrial assassins_ (hard records) $7
  includes birmingham 6, psychopomps, lights of euphoria, good courage,
_jung machines 2_ (machinery) $10
  really old, way out-of-print comp from defunct label responsible for and
  one, syntec, etc.
_newer wave_ (21st circuitry) $7
  a bunch of new wave covers (duran duran, flock of seagulls, the cars) by
  a bunch of industrial bands (16volt, battery, hate dept, collide,
  acumen nation)

9 lazy 9 _the herb_ (shadow records) $8
  older release from these ninja tune-styled fellers. smoky, jazzy, groovy
  late-night trip-hop.
an april march _lessons in vengeance_ (bedazzled) $8
  ethereal goth-pop, with great female vox. kinda rare, these days.
aphex twin "girl/boy ep" (warp) $7
  i suppose i don't really need this - i'm not that big a 'spotter
bio-tek _a god ignored is a demon born_ (zoth omnog) $8
  old-styled EBM from jonathan sharpe. great sample usage and programming.
  includes !AiBoForCeN and vnv nation mixes.
birmingham 6 _error of judgment_ (cleopatra) $6
  final album from before they broke up features vox by 242's jean luc de
  meyer on about half of the tracks.
catherine wheel _waydown_ (fontana/mercury) $5
  alterna-pop kinda thing. guitars and that. guest vox by tanya donnelly, 
chemical brothers "setting sun"/"block rockin' beats" (astralwerks) $4
  you know the chems. fun big beat grunge techno and that.
enigma - all of the albums and singles, all imports, the whole she-bang.
  make me an offer on a particular release you're looking for; i've got
laibach _nova akropola_ (cleopatra) $7
  early laibach, right in the middle of their communist procession music
  days. a bit rare these days...
lords of acid "hey ho" (antler subway) $4
  one of their silliest.
mu-ziq _salsa with mesquite_ (planet mu/virgin) $12
  they also tell me this is hard to find. includes jake slazenger remix
mu-ziq "my little beautiful" (planet mu/virgin) $8
  uk promo single, 4 tracks.
new order _bbc radio 1 live in concert_ make offer
  excellent condition, rare cd of live performance from 1987. includes
  first ever recording of "true faith". one for collectors.
new order "nineteen63-95" make offer
  cd in big white box with reflective "1963" on top. excellent condition.
regenerator _2.0_ (hypnobeat) $10
  wrex mock's new project with female vocalists. lighter, dancy EBM with a
  slight techno edge.
renegade soundwave "probably a robbery" (mute) $7
  3 mixes of "probably a robbery", 3 of "space gladiator".
wagon christ _throbbing pouch_ (rising high usa) make offer
  luke vibert being funky and hip-hoppy, not drum'n'bassy. excellent

all prices are us dollars.

thanks for letting me bother you.

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