(GABBER) Space Industries Compilation

From Paul McFadyen
Sent Tue, Sep 8th 1998, 12:34

Space Industries - The Compilation

Space Industries, an off-shoot from Inner Space Magazine, was set up to
promote and support Scottish electronic artists and allow this music to
readily available to the world. After a number of releases on the CD
a compilation is the next scheduled release.

This compilation will allow existing SI artists to include a track as
as future SI artists being able to preview their current work. In
SI is trying to source material from artists who have released on other

The style and direction of SI will determin the content of the
as the label has distinct style boundaries and the tracks, although
predicted to encompass a wide variety of genres, will still reflect the
direction of SI at this time.

Demo tapes and contributions are now being accepted for this project.
Web Site address is http://www.obsolete.com/anomaly/cd, E-mail
xxxxxx@xxxxx.xx.xx or send your tape to Space Industries, c/o Inner
PO Box 14023, Edinburgh EH9 1YQ