Re: [AH] Preview track from future blog post

From Nicholas Keller
Sent Tue, Nov 26th 2013, 11:45

Not much action in this thread, but just in case there are visitors, here ar=
e pics of the setup I used=20

> On Nov 25, 2013, at 6:43 AM, Nicholas Keller <> wrot=
> Since I've seen several posts here about original tracks, I figured I'd th=
row my hat in. =20
> I started a blog earlier in the year about my modular/studio fun.  I don't=
 think I've mentioned it here before.  In attempting to provide audio/video e=
xamples of whatever topic I am discussing, I've been forced to come up with t=
racks that otherwise may never have existed.  This is one if those tracks. =20=

> Warning: maybe considered some kind of techno=20
> This song uses an MAQ16/3 for sequencing (and A-155/154 for transpose), us=
ed in forward, pendulum2 and random modes.  Once I edit the video, this will=
 be easy to see. =20
> Analog: most sounds are from a mainly-Doepfer modular, but I did use a Tip=
top Z3000 as the main VCO in the patch.  It seems I had some voltage drop, s=
o I will be building some buffered mults ASAP.  The same patch was used with=
 different knob settings for all modular sounds.  SH-101 was used for transi=
tion noise swell and fade, as well as for slow, rising pitch ramp (Doepfer r=
amp LFO into SH CV input, MAQ gate to gate in).  TR-707 drum samples.  Two l=
ines were played by hand and left "human": a short, 3-oct arp pattern (not c=
locked) and the "bagpipe" type solo which can be heard twice, most obviously=
 at the outro. =20
> Unfortunately had to "mix" using headphones.=20
> Comments welcome.=20
> if you want to check out the blog so far. =20
> Nick