(idm) Bad Purchasers? A Sellers side.

From globalwm
Sent Fri, Mar 20th 1998, 12:07

On Thu, 19 Mar 1998, RBigger590 wrote:

>  I don't see what the problem is. If an interested buyer doesn't respond to
>  your e-mails, and you don't receive money from him after a reasonable
>  period of time sell it to someone else. You don't have to ruin peoples
>  names over this for no reason. 

        Exactly! What about a list of people that *say* they are sending
        you $$ and it never appears? Or, it finally shows up *weeks* 
        later, and you may have sold a title or two to someone else
        and you just accept their check/mo and enclose a refund with
        their shipment and they are a little "bent" about it?  

        Recently, I have sold *alot* of vinyl. With the exception of
        a couple of deals where the above scenario happened, everyone
        got what they wanted or their $$ refunded (Nick, your $8 are

        Heck, I have to share something here: There was this one guy
        who was dicking around with asking me for cat #'s and song
        titles, well, anyway, when he finally decided to buy such
        titles, most were sold already. I got him confused with someone
        else and wound up calling him (in CAN) on my dime! And then,
        he got all pissy with me! No $$ was transacted or in transit
        yet! I just told him to keep his $$ - I couldn't be bothered 
        with people like that!

        I just have 100+ titles left. In my big Internet sale,
        I generated over $6,000 worth of transactions and I'm sure 
        I have alot of satisfied net deals out there. Thanks to all
        whom have purchased from me. I must admit, with soo many sales,
        keeping track of "who bought what" can be quite a task. 

        Ft. Lauderdale, FL