Re: [AH] another idiotic price thread! - Re: [AH] Emerson Moog Modular Price

From Kenny Balys
Sent Tue, Oct 21st 2014, 02:12

That search engine ends in 2011 so I cannot see how it provided this 
data on the last 6 months. It is now 2014.

I do not find synth pricing to be in any way irrelevant. I remember you 
being upset at the SH-101 price thread.

This is very relevant to manufacturers of new and modifiers of old 
synthesizers. As older synths start to fetch decent prices it gives 
manufacturers a very good picture of where they can safely hit.

Novation Bass Station? Arturia MiniBrute? Moog Sub Phatty? Doepfer Dark 

Would any of these things exist if no one wanted to pay more than $15 
for a synth?

This is a topic that is always relevent as far as I am concerned.

How many shekels gets me how much synthesizer....

Are you paying by the kilobyte for your data connection or something?

Price posts are not a waste of my time.

On 21.10.14 1:23 AM, wrote:
> Now I remember why I keep unsubscribing to AH!  I just did a couple of
> quick searches on -
>     */Looked for: (and)PRICE /*
>     Searched 11661 Messages in 12 directories
>     Found 1788 occurrences of keywords in 2 secs
>     Limited Searching to the last 12 months
>     */Looked for: (and)PRICE /*
>     Searched 4978 Messages in 6 directories
>     Found 801 occurrences of keywords in 1 secs
>     Limited Searching to the last 6 months
> So, posts with “price” in them were 15.3% of all posts in the last year
> and 16.1% of all posts in the last 6 months. What a waste of everyone’s
> time.
>   David
> \