(swords) NuBreaks.com Webcast this Sunday

From NuBreaks.com
Sent Sat, Sep 9th 2000, 04:13


This Sunday, Sept.10 at 7pm EST [GMT-05:00]
NuBreaks.com brings you:
  Dj Impedance live in the mix, spinning nasty
  nu skool breaks and funkass electro.  This week
  he's coming strapped with loads of new wax
  including unreleased tunes from Adam Freeland,
  Plump Dj's, Apex, BLIM, Phantom Beats, as
  well as many others.  Dont miss it!
All you need to listen is Winamp (www.winamp.com)
Come to www.nubreaks.com at 7pm to tune in.

Partial Playlist:

*Orbital - Nothing Left (Tsunami One mix)  [Distinct'ive Breaks]
* BLIM - Earthman  [Bochit & Scarper]
* Radioactive Man - Trespasser [Fuel]
* Pressure Drop - Warrior (Adam Freeland mix)
* Hyper vs. Dylan Rhymes - Trigger  [W9Y]
* Vigi & Flip - Freak Frequency (Unbalanced) [TCR]
* Diaskeast - Latitude By Observation (Tipper's 2000 mix) [cd-r]
* Aquasky  - Sureshot  [Bochit & Scarper]
* unknown - Raptor [Quadrant 5]
* Phantom Beats - The Drop [Plastic Raygun]
* Anthony Rother - Red Light District (BLIM's "Pro" mix)  [Distinct'ive
* Bargecharge - All Day Long [Fuel]
* Cold Fusion - Mafia Sound As A Weapon  [cd-r]
* Hexstatic - Vector (Si Begg remix) [NTone]
* Electronauts - Bumper (Plump Dj's vocal mix)  [Lacerba]
* Frisky - I Like The Way (Plump Dj's mix) [Positiva]
* Dub Marines - What I Got (Ain't What you Need)  [TCR]
* Scuba Z - Hip Bounce (BLIM remix)  [Odd]
* Koma & Bones - Powercut (Dark City mix)  [TCR]
* MC2000 - Psycho  [Limitless]
* various - Tectonics [Marine Parade]