re: Aphex/Rephlex VINYL FS

From Goethe
Sent Thu, Sep 14th 1995, 19:57

On Thu, 14 Sep 1995 wrote:

> offers up:
> >Let me know what you think each is worth. 
> >* Cat 009ii--The Caustic Window. (forgot the track listings...)
> Track listing: a1 HARD a2 HARDER B1 HARDEST B2 DUB worth $9.00

Only $9? Anyone have one at this price? I'd pay $9 in a second. I have it 
but a friend of mine would love this at that price.

> >* Universal Indictator TR-606 (red) 
> >* Universal Indictator TB-303 (blue) 
> >* WAP 39R--aphex twin. Madreporic Plate EP remixes of ON. 
> worth $9.00

Wouldn't the Indicators be worth quite a bit more than the ON ep? They 
seem to be quite a bit harder to find. I never see them around anymore.

> >* Cat 009i--The Caustic Window. Joyrex j9. TB303/606 picture disc 
>Analogue Bubblebath 3
> Worth $10. If it has the nifty "Guide to Cornwall" insert then $10.25

Again I never see this one anywhere either. I know several people that 
would want this at $10. That's after all just a regular "new" price. It's 
long OOP isn't it?

> >* Warp LP7--Polygon Window. Surfing on Sine Waves. Clear vinyl, ltd ed 000905.
> Worth $20. my clear copy has hella surface noise.

Now this is one that I would think would be worth less than the above records
but maybe that's my own bias about the particular recordings. If anyone 
wants my clear v. copy for $20+postage they can have it.