(idm) the bender to end all benders.

From orbital
Sent Sat, Mar 23rd 1996, 02:07

well everyone,

i snapped.  i have bought the proverbial farm.  in the past 36 hours i 
have bought...

31 new cd's (new to me-some are actually used)
 1 "diceman" polygon window 12"

some of the stuff in this haul of all hauls was kindly reccomended by 
all of you.  it includes:

from within 2
pelican daughters-bliss
global comm-remix cd
coil-unnatural history II
em:t 2000
drum club-everything is now
heavenly music corp-lunar phase
+N plane (fax)
terre t-soil
adham shaikh's 1st (pre instinct)
psychic tv-cathedral engine
a visible compilation

and a whole bunch more.  some of it is older stuff, but it's all new to me!!

talk to you all soon,
d...who is going to be cooped up for days and days!