Re: [AH] New modular with roland sound?

From Oakley Sound
Sent Fri, Jan 2nd 2009, 09:52

More 700 rather than 100M.

Of course, its not identical - but then I wonder if one was to put a 
load of Oakley modules inside an empty 700 chassis, wire them up 
accordingly, and then give them out to unknowing folk to see what they 
would think....

Perhaps it has a lot more to do with looks and feel rather than sound.

You could also add the question why does one want that particular Roland 
(or whoever) sound? Is it because of nostalgia, internet lore, their 
mate has one, or because Roland got it so right back then. So, 
hypothetically, if the 100M had sounded like a Doepfer back then and 
today Doepfer came out with the Euro rack modular that sounded like the 
100M - would we be happy?

Personally, I love playing with old gear. Its the history of it, the 
build of it, even the smell of it, as well as that nostalgic sound.

But did they make them better back then? No easy answer to that one - 
and everyone will have their own take on it.