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Jul 29th 1996, 20:49 david korn Re: Speaking of Kraftwerk
Apr 18th 1997, 18:43 david korn 100M manual
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May 5th 1997, 12:03 david korn Re: Matt Wilson will remain.
May 25th 1997, 22:50 david korn Re: The Moog/Korg saga continues in Akihabara.../ Roland 100Ms
Jun 13th 1997, 17:43 david korn FS/T Sys100spkrs/100M keyb.
Jun 14th 1997, 14:27 david korn Re: FS/T Sys100spkrs/100M keyb. + +
Jul 3rd 1997, 10:45 david korn Re: DVP-1 vocoder - opinions?
Sep 12th 1997, 19:54 david korn FS: system 100M
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Apr 7th 1998, 11:25 david korn Re: VEMIA was Re: Cheap analog ot AuctionSoup