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Jul 1st 1998, 02:21 umair haque New Doepfer Module
Jul 10th 1998, 05:34 umair haque Doepfer Sampler Module
Oct 26th 1998, 20:15 umair haque [AH] MAQ info needed
Oct 26th 1998, 21:08 umair haque Re: [AH] MAQ info needed
Nov 5th 1998, 19:38 umair haque Re: [AH] RE: Jomox XBase at Rogue Music
Nov 5th 1998, 20:48 umair haque Re: [AH] Jomox and Doepfer...
Nov 11th 1998, 01:02 umair haque [AH] schaltwerk/regelwerk shuffle
Mar 23rd 1999, 23:28 umair haque Re: [AH] Cash Flow and Taxes, Selling Gear? Addicition?
Apr 28th 1999, 20:58 umair haque [AH] FS:SP808
Feb 1st 2000, 05:24 umair haque Re: [AH] Item at HC