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Mar 10th 1999, 19:17 m (amb) boston/minimal techno
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May 28th 1999, 04:37 m Re: (amb) Pole tour dates
Jul 10th 1999, 00:32 m Re: (idm) Re: Aphex/Glass.
Jul 12th 1999, 04:13 m Re: (idm) Funkstorung "Additional Productions"
Jul 16th 1999, 10:13 m Re: (idm) Not IDM in idm land.
Jul 16th 1999, 22:06 m Re: (idm) Soothing Sounds For Baby series
Aug 2nd 1999, 03:12 m (idm) on the radio tonight
Aug 4th 1999, 00:01 m Re: (idm) languis
Aug 5th 1999, 22:57 m Re: (idm) another oneliner gone dark
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Aug 6th 1999, 00:32 m Re: (idm) another oneliner
Aug 6th 1999, 02:03 m Re: (idm) another oneliner
Aug 13th 1999, 19:03 m Re: (idm) opinions wanted.
Aug 23rd 1999, 07:59 m (idm) san francisco labels party
Aug 23rd 1999, 18:00 m Re: (idm) We are the music makers, we just don't know it yet
Aug 28th 1999, 02:36 m Re: (amb) CD Sale list - remaining items discounted plus some additions