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Date: Tuesday, October 14, 1997 2:16 AM
Subject: (idm) AI2

:: Does anyone have Artificial Inteligence II (Double CD) ?
:: I think that is WARPCD23.1....

Hmmm, mine is Limited Edition TVT 7223-2. What is the difference b/t this &
the Warp one?

:: Can somebody post me tracklisting for second CD ?

Beaumont Hannant (Utuba)
Richard H. Kirk (Reality Net)
Balil (Parasight)
Seefeel (Spangle)
Darrell Fitton (Blipsalt)
Polygon Window (My Teapot)
Kenny Larkin (Maritime)

Btw, did a AI II video ever come out following Motion? I thought there was
supposed to be one....