(idm) Kraftwerk 12" Disco Discog

From Blipvert
Sent Sun, Jan 11th 1998, 18:11

I am searching for a complete discography of international 12"
Kraftwerk releases (official and unofficial and promo) with detailed
track listsings. I thought that I had found a complete listing in the
liner notes of the Cleopatra boxed set but I am already finding
singles that are not listed in their discography. I have found no
information on the Razormaid remixes and I thought that there
was an official  domestic release of Numbers but all that I have
found info on is the German release.

If anyone knows of a source for Kraftwerk 12"s that would be great
too. All that I have left is a French record store and with shippiong
all complications involved, I would be spending an average of US$25
per record for what I found domestically for about US$10-$12. Sorry for
the crossposting but I thouyght that info would be equally accessible
and welcome from both lists.