Re: TBD vs. vaporwave

From phase
Sent Fri, Aug 24th 2018, 17:35

Thanks, Jeff!  Also thx for posting some other VW suggestions a week or 
so ago.  I saved the email and hope to have time to get back to it soon.

And Laurent, no need to be sorry!  I certainly agree that if all 
Neko-Shi Corp. did was slow down an existing b-side, that's not very 
creative.  One of these days I might try to track down the original 
b-side and compare.  But tbh, IDGAF because the end result sounds so 
good!  If somebody else enjoyed the VW version even HALF as much as me, 
my post will have been worth it.


On Fri, 24 Aug 2018, Jeff Davis wrote:

> Not really a breakthrough VW track, but artist = Neko-shi Corporation
> (Cat Corporation)

On Fri, 24 Aug 2018, Laurent Knauth wrote:

> Well, sorry for being ? that guy ? but ? although i didn't study the 
> arrangement carefully ?,this ? vaguewa$ ?version doesn't sound much of 
> a breakthrough to me.
> I mean most, if not all of the italo-dance 45's b-sides were actually 
> instrumental versions, this Valerie Dore single being no exception. If 
> you aim to vaporwave yourself, Den Harrow's ? Future Brain ?, is 
> another italo-favorite ? although not as classy maybe !
> As a kid, i often used to prefer the b-sides over the a-ones and, much 
> later, often wondered whether the Franck de Wulf's ? B-Sides ? alias 
> was named after that !