(idm) Rephlex auction

From Greg Clow
Sent Fri, Oct 24th 1997, 01:34


The following Rephlex releases are up for grabs. All are in mint or near
mint condition. Terms are as follows:

* Deadline for bids is 12:00 noon Eastern on Thursday, Oct 30th, 1997
* All bids in US dollars
* Buyer pays shipping
* Payment
* There are no minimum bids, but I reserve the right to refuse any bid
for any reason, and to remove any item from the auction at any time

NOTE: Trades will be considered, but my want list is very short. For
info, drop me a line at xxxxxxx@xxxxxxxx.xxx

This list, along with the latest high bids, will be available on the web
at http://www.interlog.com/~stained/rephlex.txt until the end of the


CAT001                Bradley Stryder - Bradley's Beat 12"
CAT006CD        Synectics - The Purple Universe CD
CAT009ii        Caustic Window - Joyrex 9 12"
CAT010CD        Kosmik Kommando - Freaquenseize 2xCD
CAT011EP        Kinesthesia - Volume One 12"
CAT014EP        Kinesthesia - Volume Two 12"
CAT015EP        Cylob - Industrial Folk Songs 12"
CAT016CD        Vibert/Simmonds - Weirs CD
CAT017EP        Drexcyia - Molecular Enhancement 12"
CAT020EP        Bradley Stryder - Bradley's Robot 12"
CAT021CD        Vulva - From the Cockpit CD
CAT029CD        DMX Crew - Sound of the Street CD
CAT032LP        Cylob - Loops and Breaks 2xLP
CAT035CD        Vulva - Birdwatch CD
LAT467CD        Like a Tim - Remixes CDEP
CAT048CD        Sam and Valley - My Favorite Clinic CD
STOP 1T                Various - Mururoa 12"

Greg Clow