Re: (amb) RE: whitezone-l Re: (idm) + Bill O'Brien +

From Paul Levinson
Sent Sat, May 8th 1999, 00:08

I have been silently observing this saga from a distance. Fortunately, I had
no dealings with Bill, but I know what it's like to wait an unnecessarily
long time for someone to come through on a deal. I just want to pitch in my
$.02 for Kelley. As far as trades go, he's an honest upfront guy with an
awesome tase for music!
Take care y'all

Kelley Hackett wrote:

> Big up Thad, and sorry people but I am trying now to stay out of
> it----for my purpose of sending him the message was to get communication
> out of him for others---yeah what a method, but it worked.
> Ladies and gentlemen of the IDM & Ambient arena, I give U, Bill----ha ha
> ha ha speak Bill or shall I say type----Ok here I go-----------I am
> having fun.
> But for the record, I am a sticker on INTEGRITY!  I sent that message to
> for Pedro(and they didnt ask me to) and a couple of others just so that
> he would respond and get their CDs that he promised them!
> When I read that message I was infuriated!  I thought, what if it was my
> 20, 40, or $60 dollar order he was playing around with(folks, no lie, I
> would have taken a trip 2 C him).  But my money was not involved!  So
> some may ask why is he so adamant on this issue!  My live is worth
> giving up for that
> principle---INTEGRITY!..............................................