[idm] ...music for sale/trade...

From Thad Biggerstaff
Sent Tue, Mar 27th 2001, 10:08

music for sale or *trade*!
this will be the last time i send these out in full length on the mailing
w/o a url to my presently "under construction" web page (its half done! :)
make me an offer on larger orders (three or more items)...
please reply *privately* to redacted@example.com
as always, thanks for your interest!

Tac: Spatialized $12
Tetsu Inoue & Taylor Deupree: Active/Freeze (limiteded edition of 1000) $13
Cd_slopper: SaskieWoxi  $11
Colongib & Christopher Graves: Special Rumble  $12
Mouse On Mars: Actionist Respoke Ep. $7
Ischemic Folks: Compilation (feat. Richard Devine, Phoenecia, Push Button
    Gliese, Metic, & David Kristian, on Schematic)  $12
Daedelus: Her's Is>[Sic]  (on Phthalo)  $9
Elektronische Musik aus Buenos Aires: Compilation  $12
Insides: Sweet Tip  $12
No Rights Given Or Implied: Compilation (rare bootleg full of uncleared
    with tracks by Coldcut and many others) $18
Polygon Window: Surfing For Sinewaves $11
Autechre: Garbage Ep. $11
Autechre: Peel Sessions #2  $8
Stock, Hausen, & Walkman: Organ Transplants Volume #2  $13
The Bionaut: Friends (on Eat Raw) $17
Download: Effector  $12
Paul D. Miller: Viral Sonata $12
IDM List Remix Chain: Compilation  $9
Enter The Monkey: Compilation (feat. Qwerty, Lesser, Heatsink, Kid606,
    Saundart, Marumari, Disc, others)  $10
Daft Punk: Discovery $11
Curd Duca: Elevator 3  $12
Find More Hits: Remix Compilation (on Lucky Kitchen, remixes by Pimmon, To
    Rococo Rot, Sachiko M, Suetsu, I-Sound, Jansky Noise, Matmos, Hrvatski,
    many many others) $13
Putting The Morr Back In Morrissey: Compilation (2CD) $15
Carl Stone & Otomo Yoshihide: Monogatari-Amino Argot  $12
Geez N' Gosh (Atom Heart): My Life With Jesus  $14
Eric Satin (Atom Heart): Light Music $13
Sack & Blumm: s/t (on tom recordings) $12
Muslimgauze: Your Mines In Kabul (3CD, limited numbered edition of 700) $45
Phillip Samartzis: Residue (on Dorobo Limited Editions) $12
Golden Tone (Fennesz and Zeitblom): Microdata (live, Berlin, '99)  $11
Gunter Muller & Jim O'Rourke: Weighting  (on For 4 Ears) $13
Negative Entropy (Michael Prime & Gert Feytons): City Open To The Nomad  $13
M. Behrens: Contraction (on Digital Nacis Ltd.) $14
Carl Craig: Landcrusing  $11

Atom TM (Atom Heart): Hard Disk Rock (Don't Stop) 12"  $9
Schlammpeitziger: Spacerokkmountainrutschquartier  $12
Cocteau Twins & Harold Budd: The Moon & The Melodies  $11
David Sylvian & Holger Czukay: Plight & Premonition $11
Pieter Nooten & Michael Brook: Sleeps With The Fishes $12
Mirror: Nightwalkers $12
Ora: Amalgam (2LP, clear vinyl, special packaging, limited edition)  $35
Zoviet France: Digilogue (hand numbered ltd edition, # 607 of 801, on clear
    vinyl, packaged in handmade sleave)  $16
Mouse On Mars: Glam *for trade for CD of same title*

Kapotte Musiek/Sechres Mound: Regeneration Activee/M.SL (special
    packaging)  $5
Toy Bizzarre/Action Concret: Isolation Studies (special packaging w/
    booklet)  $7
Tesendalo: Mehr (numbered limited edition, #44 of 70)  $7
Hands To: Naahondzond (The Fearing Time)  $5
Gen Ken Montgomery: Endogeny  $4
Superfinemagneticparticle:  Murk   $4
Stylus: Singing The Boundaries (wrapped in printed paper packaging)  $4
Augur: Lost Names To The Living  $4
Augur: The Rarest Tear  $4
Augur: Crazy Wildernesses  $4
Augur: Silent Companion $4
Augur: Auger Aught  $4
Augur: All The Smallest Granules of Time  $4
Augur: Modulated Field  $4
Augur: Stars Seldom Seen  $4

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