Re: (amb) Musical Relationship

From liquidmice
Sent Thu, May 27th 1999, 23:46

I would have to say that the only sonic phenomenon more profound than music
is silence.

Music is all too often used to busy the mind, to occupy us while we
interact with our daily activities.  As a result we loose focus.  How many
of us find ourselves driving down the road, radio blaring, eating lunch?
Well, which act are we focused on?   We lose the music (as well as the
other activities) in such a scenario.

This is one reason why Ambient music has become such a profound influence
in my life.  I find that Ambient music/sounds tends to push my mind toward
introspection rather than preoccupation.  It helps me to focus more than
"traditional music" which, conversely, demands to be listened to/focused on
to be truly appreciated.  When my mind peaks on Ambience, the next
progression is silence.  The next track on the spiritual soundtrack is

Anyway, thanks for the profound question.  This type of discussion always
helps me to contemplate my perspective, and acquire a deeper appreciation
for music and life.

Kelley Hackett wrote:

>  I  was pondering "what cant be related to music"?
> Many times music, as one has said, is used similar to a drug, it lifts
> ya up(I am always lifted mind you)--makes ya happy, excited and
> energetic.  These positive effects reverberate thru much of what we do
> in one day, here is my question................
> Would it or would it not be possible to attribute Music, or its positive
> effects to (let us say 80%) of daily events?  What do ya cats think
> about this...............
> Hk!