TBD vs. vaporwave

From phase
Sent Fri, Aug 24th 2018, 02:38

I deleted the message this morning that linked to The Black Dog mix, but 
not before checking out the mix.  (I don't care about the "hoax" and all 
that drama -- I'm just here to talk about the music.)

Don't get me wrong, I appreciate some the material on _Liber Dogma_ 
("Eden 353" and "Feeder Rub Out" come to mind), and I certainly 
appreciated the heads up this morning, but I found the mix really, 
really boring.

Tonight, as I sit here jamming out to vaporwave (yet again), I was 
reflecting on why I currently dig the style so much.  And it's funny: 
some of it sort of takes me back to TBD live @ the Black Lodge.  Which, 
like a lot of vaporwave, was originally only available as a limited 
edition cassette haha.

I think the track linked below is about 5 years old, but I just heard it 
for the first time this week, and it completely blows away anything TBD 
has done this millennium


Can somebody less ignorant please translate the name of that artist?

TIA and cheers,

np: "Closing Hour" from same release (SPECIAL EDITION)