(idm) illegible covers

From Irene McC
Sent Thu, Oct 30th 1997, 09:24

On 29 Oct 97, Chris.Hilker wrote: Re: (idm) german 'blech':

> To me, a good layout must be functional. The Blech CD cover art
> has a virtually unreadable tracklist,  [...] as do 'Chiastic Slide'
> [...]  that sacrifice content on the altar of form).

ABSOLUTELY !!!  Tri Rep was 'minimal' but at least if you look
closely, it's all there somewhere.  But Chiastic Slide is just
contrived and doesn't even look good, *IMO*.

Same goes for other  Warp releases - think AI 2, where the printed
text merges with the background colour making it really hard to
read, especially in low-light, which is quite often the situation
when you want to listen to that kind of late-night mellow music. 

And don't even start on SAW 2 :-)

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