(IDM-r) Chocolate Weasel-Spaghettification-Ninjatune, Mr Scruff-Chipmunk &

From Iain Forfar
Sent Mon, Apr 6th 1998, 17:04

Fish EP-Ninjatune
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Semi because I'm crappy at describing things.

After failing to locate Curve's _Come Clean_ this weekend, I *had* to
buy something else.  The Acid Jazz section turned up 

Chocolate Weasel : Spaghettification  (Ninjatune)

One or two other list members have recommended this, and I'll just have
to add to that. It's great, with a wonderful sense of humour. I've only
heard 1 T-Power track (On Breakbeat Science II) and this sounds quite
far away from that. Funky the closest thing I can think of. And, is that
a Squarepusher sample in "In-Continuity"?? 

Mr Scruff : Chipmunk & Fish EP (Ninjatune)

I think that's the title. It's nice, even if slightly samey on the 3
tracks (if it ain't broke, don't fix it)  Pretty jazzy sounding and
parts of it remind me heavily of Vibert (in his various guises - Plug
type breaks)  Worth picking up.

And on a related topic, seeing as they're both on Ninja. Anyone else
have problems with Ninjatune CD's? My CD player always fights with them.
It's fine with just about everything else, but it *always* gives me
trouble with these and my other Ninjatune releases. And no mentioning
the "V" word!