Re: Admin?

From Verse Freeze
Sent Mon, Mar 26th 2018, 20:03

yes please. thank you Laurens.=20

 this list has always brought me happiness through discovery until now. my b=
rain can=E2=80=99t dance with all this nonsense. please remember what we are=
 here for or go off list to battle it out.

the only power a word has is what you put into it.

Sent from my iPhone, hence grammatical and spelling errors are a logical ass=

> On Mar 26, 2018, at 3:59 PM, Laurens Vets <xxxxxxx@xxxxxx.xx> wrote:
> To the list admin: can you step in please? I wanna go back to discussing m=
usic, not this Nat nonsense.
> To Nat, please stfu. You've made your point clear, almost no one agrees wi=
th your (wrong) assumptions, you're constantly switching between apologizing=
 and antagonizing. At this point, you're just a troll. Stop and go back to l=
urking please. Also, some advice, never start listening to metal, you would b=
e in for a treat.