Re: houndstooth

From Ben Diamondstein
Sent Sun, Aug 5th 2018, 04:31

I absolutely love houndstooth. Particularity Akkord. It=E2=80=99s not necess=
arily idm (or at all for that matter) but it=E2=80=99s really well produced a=
nd extremely dark.=20

ben (mobile)

> On Aug 4, 2018, at 9:59 AM, Clint Anderson <> wrote:
> anyone listening to any of the stuff on Houndstooth, in general?
> i really like Call Super, and Pariah is OK .. in general it just has a sor=
t of 'IDM' vibe to it, but with slicker production and more focus on aesthet=
ics than technical virtuosity...still, not at all what i expected from the Fa=
bric label
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