(amb) Pole in Los Angeles--June 9

From dino bose
Sent Sat, May 22nd 1999, 01:47

  hey spacers,

--This is for the Los Angeles listmembers...

      Do any of you want to get together and check out Stefan when he comes 
to L.A.? Right now, it's me, my dj, his fiance, and most likely a couple of 
other friends. I'd like to get a full-on group thing going. I think it would 
be a good excuse to meet one another and exchange some good vibes. We don't 
really know any people other than ourselves who are into ambient/idm type of 
stuff so it would be cool to make some more freaky weirdo friends.
      He will be playing with a project/group called Neotropic. I haven't 
heard of it, but if any of you have, i'd love for you to fill me in on it.
      He will be playing June 9 (Wednesday) at the Atlas Supper Club. If you 
are unfamiliar(like i was) and need directions/phones for that place, check 
out www.clubatlas.com.
      If interested, give me an email and let's talk and see what we can 
do...later...dino-Mr. Vast

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