More about the Musikmesse

From Stefan Gruhl
Sent Thu, Mar 9th 1995, 20:27

Back again I continue to get you some more data...

> Today I had been at the Musikmesse (with Juergen Haible from AH BTW)
> What are the reasons you should continue to read?
> 1) Lots of new Doepfer gear
> 2) A personal impression about the North Lead
> 3) A new design of Roland stickers !!!

Well, I release (I know you will like this term) you and let you know
the stickers lost their "we design the future" basic design but got

colorful and mainstream pop style :-(

Looks like they got jealous on Sony or TDK success.
You just can't wear them with the proud of a spartanic monophonic mind!

> 4) 
That's for lot of more I have seen and am unable to remember yet.

> To begin with the thing of real interest. There has been the new
> Doepfer Modular. Here it is for you in ASCII text :-)
> The sample synth was built of 2 rows each 2 HE into a 19".
> It consisted of 2 VCOs,
> one 24dB Filter LP,
> 2 ADSR, 2 LFO
> one VCA,
> a module doing both ringmod and I forgot,
> there has been a signals mixer as well of course 4 to 1.
> Somewhere I detected a S/H. Ahhh, a Midi to CV/Gate :-)
> A frequency divider and a Waveshaper doing some clipping things.
> a VCO module is about 100$ , a filter 80$ and and ADSR 50$ I think.
> A complete starting set should be around 1000$.
Here I have got the data sheet:


sawtooth, rectangle, triangle ,sine
2 freq. ins
3 oct. switch, tune control
2 PW ins
Hardsync in

24 dB LP
3 frq. ins ( 2 with attenuator)
Freq. contol
"emphasis" (they stressed: up to self osc.; I stress: A strange one!)

both available a linear or a logarithmic one
2 CV ins (1 with att)
manual gain control
2 audio ins (with att)

2 gate ins
2 adrs outs
1 inverted out
control with LED

3 ranges sub LFO (minutes) to audio
sync in for start
5 waveforms, triangle, rectangel, sine, rising/falling sawtooth
3 3 LED for waveform display
(I see: only 4 outs! no sine visible on the picture!
Big plus: no switch but all 4 (or 5) waveforms on a seperate out )

BTW: Did you mention the constant drop of 10$ per module?
I still miss the 90$ one. I guess that'll be the 400W PA module
with integrated refrigerator for constant beer availability :-)

Noise / Random :
white, colored (blue and red level)
random CV (rate and level)

8 Bus with 4 FX routings and parametric EQ :-)
in fact:
4 ins with attenuator to one out
2 LEDs with pos,neg display

freq. divider for audio signals
rectangel outs (symetric)
up to 4 oct below

nonlinear Waveform processor for modification of incoming waveforms
controls for clipping level/symetry
2 ins for clipping modulation with attenuators

(I heard not the big change in sound. At least not in a pleasant way)

Clock divider/sequencer
clock and reset ins
6 outs frequency divided
8 sequential clock outs
for use with sync timin signals

RINGMOD / Voltage inverter
4 Quadrant Multiplier (2 ins one out)
2 CV inverters

LED control
trig in
sample in

each module is 3HE
The Rack to hold the babies is about 250$ with power supply with two rows.
They also apply the coomon CV/GATE signal to their power bus, to
ease the use of standart routing. Thats possible without patching
the original CV signal.
Don't think of ordering before may!

BTW: the project is called A100 if you are now to go and call Doepfer.


PS: You may ask me anything about it, but thats all I know.

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