(amb) Pole tour dates

From dino bose
Sent Wed, May 12th 1999, 03:56

hey pole fans,

i got this off www.matador.recs.com and i'm really excited as i know how 
rarely this guy gets out of berlin...

--and for all the los angeles listmembers--here's the url for the atlas in 
case you are unfamiliar with the club as i was
--www.clubatlas.com/--for directions, phone, etc...

   hope i see some of you at the los angeles show...later...dino

all dates with Neotropic:

5/29 Toronto - Mockingbird
5/30 Chicago - Metro
6/1 Boston - The Venu
6/2 Montreal - New Media Center
6/3 Montreal -  Media Center
6/5 NYC - Cooler
6/7  Denver - SOMA
6/9 Los Angeles - Atlas
6/10 Portland - Ohms
6/11 San Francisco - Justice League
6/12 Seattle - ARO space
6/13 Vancouver - Sonar

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