Re[2]: (amb) Spectrum, TZ4, 2 Sandwiches Short of a Lunch Bo

From teppom
Sent Wed, May 5th 1999, 21:26

Anyone know where one can still find a copy of this?


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Subject: Re: (amb) Spectrum, TZ4, 2 Sandwiches Short of a Lunch Box
Author:  Joshua <> at smtpgate-zgi
Date:    5/5/99 12:08 PM

2 Sandwiches (I think this is David Morley and Andee, aka Andrea Parker, 
but I am not sure) turns up on the the Apollo label's great "Apollo 2" 
2xCD compilation, along with each sandwich on its own.  The whole thing 
lands butter-side-up (other contributors are Biosphere, Fehlmann, Global 
Communication), a very tasty and funkily spacey picnic of early and middle 
1990's ambient beat music, compiled from some - I expect - now impossible 
to find 12" vinyls.
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On Wed, 5 May 1999, Kelley Hackett wrote:
> Good 2 B Alive:
> Many times I get the impression that with this list, there is not one 
> question that I can ask--without someone giving an answer or lead
> on(which is GREAT), so hear I exercise that impression.............. 
> Spectrum, TZ4, Two Sandwhiches Short of a Lunch Box---------i.e., David 
> Morely---anyone have CDs to these guises or can anyone suggest some
> leads(I have already tried with R&S)! 
> Thanks ya Heavyweights!
> np: "R-gent", Sun Electric