Re: (idm) Blech tape discussion - the final chapter.

From Britton James
Sent Wed, Oct 22nd 1997, 17:22

The Blech tape adds five songs and cuts one. After Plaid, the tape
continues with
Richard Kirk-World War 3
Autechre-Anvil Vapre Second Bad Vilbel

The tape continues on like your LP, but replaces Aphex Twins Ventolin at
the end with
Polygon Window-Bike Pump Meets Bucket
Autechre-Bass Cadet Taz Mix

That's it,


Higton, Steve (IT Brk.) wrote:

> Right then, I've got my copy of the Wax version of Blech in front of me
> so in an effort to get at the truth (and not to try and prove anyone
> wrong, I'm not that sad) here's the track listing:
> Side one:
> Link (Amazon Amenity Chameleon Remix)  WARPLP29
> Autechre (Anvil Vapre Second Peng) WAP64
> Seefeel (Tied) WAP53
> Nightmares on Wax (Back Into Time) WARPLP4
> AFX (Children Talking) WAP67
> B12 (Soundtrack of Space) WARPLP9
> Plaid (Yahemm) WARPLP8
> Side two:
> Link (Antacid Jedi Knights Mix) WAP59R
> DJ Mink (Hey! Hey! Can You Relate?) WAP4
> Sweet Exorcist (Clonk Freebase) WAP9
> Close Up Over (Caz) WARPLP 8
> Nightmares on Wax (Sal Batardes) WAP6R
> Seefeel (Spangle) WAP45
> LFO (Tied Up Acid Mix) WAP56
> LFO (Tied Up Spiritualized Elecetric Mainline Mix) WAP56R
> Aphex Twin (Ventolin Deep Gong Mix) WAP60R
> Can somebody put the track listing for the original Blech tape up so we
> can compare them?  Inquiring minds want to know :-)
> And to whoever said that the mix doesn't flow very well, with all sorts
> of styles of tracks all over the place.  Well, fair enough, I see your
> point, but on the other hand it does showcase the broad range of styles
> in the WARP catalogue.  It depends on what WARP, PC & Strictly wanted to
> achieve really doesn't it?
> Steve.