Re: (idm) Blech tape

From Britton James
Sent Fri, Oct 17th 1997, 07:16

> while back (about year or os) Warp records released a mix tape
> > >>> called BLECH (cat WARP40).

> There's a tape release of Blech that came out about two years ago (I
> think). It was a DJ mix by Strictly Kev and PC of Ninja Tune.

I have six of the Blech (Warp40) tapes. I'd love to trade these for things you
all have to trade. I'm looking for exotic vinyl and CDs, especially Scam stuff,
but I'll entertain any ideas. Panasonic, Photek, Mille Plateau, Microstoria.
Marginalia.It's a great tape (one copy of which I'll keep, of course), and my
copies are brand new, though not wrapped. Also looking for certain Krautrock
titles. Tape includes AFX, Autechre, Seefeel, Plaid, LFO, B 12, Richard Kirk,
Polygon Window. 20 cuts in all. Japanese graphics, of course.

Charlie James