Re: Arovane + Porya Hatami- Organism_evolution

From Kurt Pruenner
Sent Sat, Apr 7th 2018, 20:55

On 07.04.2018 22:32, Ransom Schafer wrote:
> Nice relaxing sound design short pieces. Sounds like underwater
> Raster-noton stuff. Good for the headphones.

Heh - I stumbled across this (and the label it's on, Karl Records)
earlier today when I on a whim (or rather, after re-listening to
Ellipsis) was researching if Scorn had released anything since
ragequitting the music industry a few years back...

Spoiler: he (Mick Harris) released an album on Karl Records in 2017
under the name FRET:

"MICK HARRIS (SCORN, QUOIT, PAINKILLER) returns after several years of
hiatus with ten tracks of blasting landmine bass and interlocking
shrapnel rhythms."

Noice... :)

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