Re: beatwife podcast

From Alex McLean
Sent Tue, Mar 27th 2018, 15:25

The outcome of a good discussion is where all participants learn
something and change their opinions at least a little bit

This discussion appears to be lacking key viewpoints though so I guess
will not go far

I think it's difficult to avoid politics in electronic dance music
when you consider its history

On 27 March 2018 at 16:10, Clint Anderson <> wrote:
> i guess the question i have, is, having stated the opinion that people find
> the name of this artist offensive, what is it that is wanted from the rest
> of us?  is the expectation that each and every person on this list email
> them and say "yes, i agree with you, you're right and i've changed my
> opinion" -- i mean, is that the endgame here, everyone has to change their
> opinions to match?
> they stated their opinions
> other people stated theirs
> this is not a political forum, it is not your right to force your viewpoint
> onto anyone here, if someone disagrees with you, you may have to just accept
> that and move on with your life